Did you know we do takeaway?

Enjoy your favorite Chooks dishes
from the comfort of your own home!

How did the chicken cross the road?
You picked it up and took it home!

Chooks House Rules

Aussie slang for chicken!

Chooks was created to express the perfect union of marinating & grilling the best chicken for great prices to our customers. We also serve our secret family recipe “buttermilk chicken” – just the way we all like it.

Family dinner trays are famous to share including, buttermilk chicken, half grilled chicken, chips, home-made onion rings, creamy slaw and our bbq baked beans.


Is it Back to School day for you today? Celebrate the start of term with some half price chicken. #VIPkeyring Monday! :-)

43 The Broadway
Muswell Hill
N10 3HA

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0208 444 5383